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The Art Creator

Post by nxt1engineer » 25 Jan 2014, 13:34

After the amazing beer machine project from winter 2011/2012, we have added a new project for this winter.
Our aim was to build a machine that would make it fun and easy for every child to create art.
The outcome is phenomenal. An ordinary ceramic tile is easily transformed into a real art piece.
The video is (of my 9 year old son) based on the works by the famous Dutch artist, Piet Mondriaan. He is well known for his colored squares in primary colors.
Whatch en enjoy

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Re: The Art Creator

Post by h-g-t » 25 Jan 2014, 14:10

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Re: The Art Creator

Post by mightor » 08 Feb 2014, 06:18

I like it, reminds me of the spyrograph toys we used to have as kids.

For your next version, make it do all the human parts in a random way and see what comes out!

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Re: The Art Creator

Post by apazan » 23 May 2018, 05:37

Looks really cool! Smart kiddo

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