Robot arm

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Robot arm

Postby rebelego » 22 Dec 2012, 05:06

Here is my current project...

The base I found at
It is programmed in NXC and not very presise.
I need to explore the new motor control functions to make it more accurate.
I'm also working on a more advanced gripper.
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Re: Robot arm

Postby mcsummation » 22 Dec 2012, 14:29

That looks like a neat arm. How about posting the building instructions?

I count 7 NXT turntables. :shock:
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Re: Robot arm

Postby annafowler24 » 17 Aug 2013, 08:42

Very nice projects. Good to understand how Robot Arms work.
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Re: Robot arm

Postby rlunding » 20 Aug 2013, 21:52

Robot arms can be fun to play with :)

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