Saving images in NXTCamView

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Saving images in NXTCamView

Post by physics-matt » 07 Jul 2011, 19:33

Hi all,

Nice to be getting the Lego out of the cupboard again after a long break.

Feels like everyone will probably know this, but I haven't found it documented anywhere so I thought I'd mention it: I've just discovered that if you capture an image in NXTCamView (the software for the NXTCam) and then press control-s it will save a copy of the image as a png.

Really useful for me as I want to calibrate it. May be useful for someone else as well.


EDIT: Or, you could always use file->save as... apparently it's been staring me in the face the whole time. :oops:

Ah well. Nice to be back!

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Re: Saving images in NXTCamView

Post by linusa » 07 Jul 2011, 22:32

physics-matt wrote: Ah well. Nice to be back!
:up: :)
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