NXT Bluetooth connection

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NXT Bluetooth connection

Post by kickout » 17 May 2014, 09:28

Good morning,

After 3 days I'm looking for help.
I have a NXT 2.0 with the last Frimware (1.31)
I want to use Matlab and simulink to play with it now.

I used the Lego software until now. Using the bluetooth to transfert my program it works well (as well as USB)
But now I have too connect it to my windows 8 (64bits) to use some specific part of simulink (shown inside the tutorial) but I don't manage to do it.

When I try to connect it, it disconnects.

Do you have some ideas to help me, or test to do to give you more information?

Thank in adavance!

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Re: NXT Bluetooth connection

Post by h-g-t » 17 May 2014, 12:21

When I had this problem I deleted the connection from both the PC and NXT, restarted both and set up a new connection.
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