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by whatch
08 Jan 2011, 19:29
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: PF motors
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PF motors

with all the brain power here somebody may like this idea
how about a rotation sensor snap on for the pf motors and make them truly compatable with the next

Just a thought

by whatch
03 Jan 2011, 03:00
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: Alpha Rex 8547 problem with arms motor
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Re: Alpha Rex 8547 problem with arms motor

If you have or can download lego digital disgner i have a fix i use it raises the arm one layer and allows more room for the wires under it the other thing to check i the 7 stud backpack retainer is in place in place unfortunatly i can't upload the file if you are interested reply i can send you the...
by whatch
30 Dec 2010, 18:42
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: Blue Tooth
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Blue Tooth

The bluetooth device compatability list seems to have disappered any one know what happenen to it or have copy they can post

david perdue's book recomended a d link device dbt-120 has anyone tried it are there other comatable devices

i run xp pro i have nxt 2.0

any help appreciated