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NXT File Manager Tool

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I'm using macOS for interfacing with the NXT for program downloads, etc.
However, since the release of macOS High Sierra, John Hansen's excellent NeXT Tool is no longer functional (the program no longer displays the icons for various functions).

At minimum, I needed a File Download, Delete and Execute tool to manipulate the NXT file system.
Consequently I've written a NXT File Manager Tool in python based on the nxt_filer tool from nxt-python.

NXT File Manager is not meant as a total replacement for NeXT Tool. It is based on python 2.7.x and Gtk+ 3, and needs nxt-python https://github.com/Eelviny/nxt-python to be installed.
The tool has only been tested on macOS Sierra and High Sierra, but I presume it would be easy to port to other platforms since it uses Gtk+ 3.

You can get the nxtfilemgr tool from https://github.com/tcwan/nxos-armdebug/ ... nxtfilemgr

N.B.: I don't recommend using pyfantom and Fantom driver to interface with the NXT anymore as it is 32-bit only and will no longer work in future. pyusb/libusb works well for macOS Sierra/High Sierra.
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