Please help with NXT and EV3 software

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Please help with NXT and EV3 software

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Hi guys, this forum lo Iooks great, well done. I'm new and I kindly need your guidance :)

I bought lots of NXT sets and parts in the past and sadly I never had time to use it and now finally I'd like to learn how to program with it. I'm 34 and I am a software engineer so I'm confident when it comes to IT and technology but when it comes to robotics I am starting from zero :)

I had a quick look at NXT-G 2.1 Edu and EV3 1.2.3 Edu and the latter seems more intuitive.

Basically I have NXT sets (2 bricks, 3 touch sensors, 1 light sensor, 1 colour sensor, 1 sound sensor, 6 motors, plus all hitechnic sensors on their product page and infrared ball beacon) and I'd like to know if I can really use Ev3-G Edu 1.2.3 to program my NXT bricks/sensors/motors without limitations or if I should learn NXT-G Edu 2.1 to program them. I know I cannot connect the brick via Bluetooth so I am relying on the USB cable. I also know the barometric sensors and few others from hitechnic probably won't work under Ev3.
I would really appreciate if you can point me to a source where I can learn how to program NXT robots (and make them communicate with each other's) with Ev3-G without having a EV3 set. I will probably upgrade in future but after all the money I spent in the past is now time I learn with these sets first :)
Many thanks in advance
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