Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.3

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Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.3

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Version 3.3 is out and should work just fine with all version of ROBOTC for NXT of at least 3.59. I still need more testers for the dWiFI and NXT2WIFI sensors, so if you’re keen, let me know. If you’re not keen, then, ehm, don’t.

This suite will not work with anything less than ROBOTC 3.59, make sure you update your IDE. You can download it here: [LINK].

What’s new?
  • New driver + example for the Dexter Industries dLight
  • New driver + examples for the Mindsensors Sensor MUX (includes a disco party)
  • New matrix math functions, based on the Arduino Matrix library, worth for both floats and longs
  • Fixed silly bug in NXTCam driver. Thanks fxlj007 for reading through the code!
  • Complete rewrite of the dWIFI config program and driver, I hope it still works!
  • Fixed axes in the dIMU driver, I had flipped x and y
  • Added a simple strtok() function to common.h
  • Minor costmetic tweaks to test programs
  • Minor documentation tweaks here and there
  • For those who like to peruse code, check out dexterind-imu.h for a glimpse of what’s to come
  • Fixed naming conflict between Hitechnic EOPD and Mindsensors SumoEyes driver (thanks Bill Fortney)
  • Fixed LEGO Light Sensor calibration data saving (thanks Jamie Diamond)
How can you help?
Send me your bug reports, tell me what’s not working for you. Alternatively, leave words of encouragement, kudos and/or compliments via email or in a comment.

Where can I download it?
You can get it at the usual place: [LINK].
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