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Re: Web Hosting

Post by spillerrec »

Still, wordpress.org (and you specifically mentioned .org) only provides the framework which is free (as in GPL). Thus you don't have to pay anyone to use your own CSS or anything together with what wordpress.org provides.

It was a joke. ; ) Since JavaScript is client-based, hosting providers rarely cares as it does not affect them.
On a side note I have seen JavaScript used outside web development (with mixed responses).

I use a local hosting provider a friend had good experiences with, so I'm not going to mention it here as it isn't that practical from an international standpoint.
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Re: Web Hosting

Post by inxt-generation »

Ooooohh. I guess it's obvious now that I don't know much about this stuff ;) . HostGator sounds pretty good. It's the best place I've seen so far. I'll try to approach my dad about it sometime soon.
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Re: Web Hosting

Post by jwiger »

What do you plan on hosting on it? If you don't mind slower speeds you can have maximum control by running you're own web server. I use a free program called Abyss Web Server at my house, you can run practically any script/language on it. And the storage volume of your site would be limited only by your hard drive space.

The down side is you have to accept that the server may be unavailable at times, depending on how reliable your computer/server is. And there is the whole dynamic IP/routing issue to deal with. It's definitely fun to experiment with though, or to at least use as a sandbox for webpages.
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