Cheap Extension Projects for the NXT9797 system

Discussion specific to the intelligent brick, sensors, motors, and more.
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Cheap Extension Projects for the NXT9797 system

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Hi All,

I'm a veteran teacher and an old-school programmer who has been asked to run a robotics elective at my school. I have fifteen NXT9797 kits and I plan on implementing the online high school curriculum available at Carnegie Mellon. ... 2_preview/

My concern is that some students will wiz through it, and I would like to add enrichment. I'm hoping to find some cheaper hardware extensions other than the $300 Tetrix kits.

Maybe we could use the Pasco sensors from the science kits? Or maybe we could incorporate a cheap camera or microphone? Or perhaps would could generate signals to be seen on an oscilloscope?

I should add that we have a lot of science equipment in our standard lab.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mike C
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