ABS pen

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ABS pen

Post by tabbycatrobots »

I heard this story on the business news this morning and when they mentioned ABS plastic, I thought
this may be useful. This is the news story:
http://www.marketplace.org/topics/tech/ ... inting-pen
And this is the company web site:
The first idea that comes to mind is a flexible cage / wiring trough for all the sensor cables
dangling off my robot.

Has anyone used a pen like this or a 3D printer to make parts to add onto an NXT robot?
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Re: ABS pen

Post by h-g-t »

Just Google "3d print lego parts".
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Re: ABS pen

Post by mspall »

Thanks for sharing the link. The ABS pen is cool and I can see a lot uses for it. It adds freehand in addition to already existing 3D printers. You could even mount it in a modified Lego plotter and make a Lego 3D printer. Or at least a 2.5D printer. The art made by the pen reminds me of the crafts made by taking string or yarn and soaking it in kid's craft glue and letting it dry.

After doing some Googling, I had to add this:
The Free Universal Construction Kit
http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenbe ... ate-legos/
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Re: ABS pen

Post by inxt-generation »

That's really cool.

I just saw it a few days ago. Really interesting. Also, they went really far over their Kickstarter goal...... their goal was 30k, but they had just over 1million pledged the last time I checked :shock:
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