Hi everyone

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Hi everyone

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Just thought Id pop in to say Hi :D
I have been a NXT owner for 2 days now, it was a impulse buy when I saw one on sale near me so I snapped it up in a fit of lego nostalgia, and some vague idea that I must be able to make it work with a Raspberry-PI somehow as I have just had two of those delivered last week, one as a media streamer, one to play around with :D
Strangely enough, i find the building part harder than the programming, Im sure I can make a bot do something via Next-G without any instructions, but building Alpha-Rex with out help would be impossible..
2013 will obviously be the year of "old school computing for me', gonna do a bit of reading around the R-PI forums and hopefully see you all around online once Ive worked out how to get them to talk to each other
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Re: Hi everyone

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Hello and welcome to Mindboards!

There are plenty of great people on here. If you would like a pdf of any of the model's instructions we can help you out. Feel free to ask any questions you have, trying searches may find info faster if someone else has had the same problem. This forum is a relatively small community, so don't worry about getting lost here.

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