Simple car with 2 sensors

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Simple car with 2 sensors

Post by tobi » 12 Dec 2014, 13:31

Hello I'm new to this forum.

I've got my first Mindstorm EV3. And I'm trying to build a car with 2 sensors on with each sensor has his own reaction.
I already build a program that reacts to any of those 2 sensors and then a reaction if one of those is activated.
But I cannot get it together to give each sensor a own reaction.
Just 2 motors and a forward action, a light sensor and a ultrasone sensor in waiting state and then a action if one of the sensors is activated.

I think it's a thinking error of me, but I'm stuck. I attached a programm on where I think how it should work.
I hope somebody can give me some hinst to getg this working.

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