Hello, I'm having trouble with a barcode reader, that I can

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Hello, I'm having trouble with a barcode reader, that I can

Post by destroctokon » 23 Nov 2013, 19:18

Hello, I have task that requires me to read a barcode, and I can't seem to get my program to do it correctly. Do you think anyone can help me write the proper program for the barcode reader?

So far I have it so that the barcode moves a set distance after detecting the first line, then checks to see if there is a like there using a line sensor, if there is it outputs a 1 that I then multiply by a value, if not it gives out a zero. Then it moves forward and does the same thing 3 more times each with different multiplier to get different values, and then adds them together.

The problem is that the lego does not seem to be correctly reading any of the barcodes, it detects the start of the barcode then does the program and continues to run, never stopping even on the correct barcode.

Do I have to put in any log data VIs in between the code, or would my code work correctly in theory?
I am programming on Labview, and can provide the program if needed.

Thank you guys for the help.

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