EV3 BricxCC

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EV3 BricxCC

Post by tatiana » 05 Oct 2016, 03:03

I have installed the latest version of BricxCC, but EV3 doesn`t appear in the list of bricx type.
What should I do?

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Re: EV3 BricxCC

Post by HaWe » 05 Nov 2016, 19:44

EV3 support of Bricxcc is just rudimentary and would require even then addional installations of the gnu gcc C/C++ compiler and CodeSourcery Light Toolchains.
It is not working like the NXC or even a RobotC Bytecode interpreter any longer, but it's now a real ANSI C compiler ( which is no longer "not quite" or "not exactly") building insanely fast Linux executables:
http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/test_rel ... me_1st.txt
Although John Hansen's C API could be used then actually by BricxCC (given all preferences and makefiles have been set correctly), unfortunately the Sensor API and also other functions are completely or partially missing or imperfect.

Having said that, there is another new API available, set on top of John Hansen's API, also real ANSI C bei gnu gcc, nonetheless it's not supported by Bricxcc as an IDE but by Eclipse.
It's called C4EV3 ("C for EV3") and has been published here:
github repository: http://c4ev3.github.io/
Windows Installer: https://github.com/c4ev3/Windows-Instal ... -setup.exe
API documentation: https://github.com/c4ev3/EV3-API/blob/m ... mmands.pdf

It works on top of the original Lego Linux, no extra boot SD needed.

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