Dice Codeing Created!!!

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Dice Codeing Created!!!

Post by Soules_United » 10 Jan 2016, 19:59

Today, I was sitting around my house, and I couldn't find any dice to play a game I was planning on playing. So I decided to make one using NXT.
I successfully made both 6 and 20 sided dice using a switch, loop, randomizer, and a wait block. Let's see if you guys can figure out how to do that.
It's not to hard.
Anyways,, please post your solutions, I want to see how similar they are to mine.

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Re: Dice Codeing Created!!!

Post by sebastiantrella » 09 Feb 2016, 15:25

Why don't you share a video so we all know that you not only trying to get us do your work? ;-)

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