ROBOTC 4.09 Beta 1 (EV3 Support) Available Now!

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ROBOTC 4.09 Beta 1 (EV3 Support) Available Now!

Post by mightor » 24 Apr 2014, 06:30

The ROBOTC development team is happy to finally have a first BETA version of ROBOTC for LEGO Mindstorms with support for the EV3 available. This version is what we would call a “rough beta” version, but we’re happy enough with the progress made to make a version available for everyone to use. You will be able to install the 4.X Beta version alongside your ROBOTC 3.x installation, but keep in mind that this 4.X version will overwrite any other existing ROBOTC 4.X installation.

You can download the BETA version by visiting: (Website may not be available yet)
Direct File Download: ... _Beta1.exe

Before you can use ROBOTC for EV3, you will need to update your EV3's Firmware. You can do this from inside of ROBOTC - take a look at the "Getting Started" guide for more information.

During the development process, we’ll be planning to release updates every 1-2 weeks with more functionality exposed with each update. For BETA #1, you can expect the following:

Functionality Available:
  • General Motor Support (unregulated movements)
  • PID Motor Support (regulated movements)
  • Encoder Support (reading encoders + moving to encoder targets)
  • Full EV3 Sensor Support
  • Limited NXT Device Support (basic sensors + motors)
  • EV3 LED Support
  • Normal ROBOTC features - Debugger, Multitasking, Variables, Debug Stream, etc.
Functionality Missing/Still in Development:
  • Multiple Datasets for certain EV3 sensors (like Rate/Heading for Gyro)
  • I2C / External Controller (TETRIX, MATRIX) Support
  • LCD support (drawing/printing text)
  • EV3 specific features (buttons, sounds)
  • Bluetooth/Wifi specific commands
  • Daisy Chaining EV3's together and using daisy chained motors/sensors
  • Downloading via Bluetooth/WiFi
We’ve also created some Google Docs to offer some dynamic documentation as we continue to develop more support for the EV3. You can access the documents with the following links:

EV3 Getting Started Guide: ... sp=sharing

EV3 Function Reference: ... sp=sharing

Creating a bootable microSD card: ... sp=sharing

We’ll also be keeping a list of known issues/reported issues on a separate document.

EV3 Known Issues/Bugs: ... sp=sharing

Please post any bug reports/issues that you do not see on the “Known Issues” document to this specific topic thread.

Thanks for trying out the EV3 version – we’re excited to continue developing it and making one of the best programming language available for the EV3 hardware!

Note: This thread is locked, if you want to comment, please use the thread on the ROBOTC forums. This will keep the information in one place.
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