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Motor-Gear of EV3 big servo motor

Posted: 24 Jul 2016, 18:54
by Knockout
Hey everyone,

I'm studying industrial engineering and i have to build a autonomous car (inkluding park assistant and distance control) with the EV3.
We have to use "Matlab Simulink" to control our Robot-Car.

The target will be to build a car which is able to find a parking slot (using the IR-Sensor).
To do my first calculation, i need some information concerning the electric motor. Can anyone provide information (maybe tech-docs?) about the interal Gear of the motors?
We have calculate how many turns the motor have to do to reach the target.

I haven't found the necessary information about the gear ratio on google.
Thank you in advance.

Have a nice evening.

Re: Motor-Gear of EV3 big servo motor

Posted: 22 Sep 2016, 18:18
by stbkaiser1
If you go to his web page
The have a complete breakdown of NXT motor specs.
Good Luck