Mindsensors SensorMUX - channel broken?

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Mindsensors SensorMUX - channel broken?

Post by noob405 » 22 Jan 2014, 11:43

Hi guys,

is someone in here using the Mindsensors SensorMUX?

other than a hardware defect: is there another reason why all my sensors work flawlessly on channel 2-4 of the SensorMUX
but on channel 1 just the touch sensor is reacting?

I´m using NXC and the only thing i change in the code is the channel number.
Any ideas, how to solve this problem?


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Re: Mindsensors SensorMUX - channel broken?

Post by mightor » 08 Feb 2014, 06:07

Can you replicate the issue with the NXT-G blocks?

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