Recharging BrickPi batteries through RPi?

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Recharging BrickPi batteries through RPi?

Post by wilblack » 29 Oct 2013, 04:48

Hi all,
I had a question about batteries for the BrickPi. If I have a a rechargeable battery pack plugged in to the BrickPi 5V plug and I then plug in power to the 9V Raspberry Pi plug. Will this recharge the rechargeable batteries connected to the BrickPi?

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Re: Recharging BrickPi batteries through RPi?

Post by mattallen37 » 29 Oct 2013, 05:27

The BrickPi doesn't really have a 5V plug, and the RPi doesn't have a 9V plug. The BrickPi has 9V input, and the 5V output goes to the RPi through the 2x13 header. The RPi can be powered through the 2x13 header, or through the uUSB jack.

If you have the BrickPi connected to the RPi, and you power the BrickPi with 9V, you can access 5V through any of the motor or sensor ports, through the 2x13 header, through the RPi USB port(s), and through the RPi uUSB power jack.

You should power the BrickPi/RPi by supplying 7.2-9.6V to the BrickPi power input. This can be provided by batteries, or by a regulated power supply.

Connecting 5V to the 5V bus (e.g. through the RPi uUSB power jack) is fine, but it won't backfeed and get stepped up to 9V to recharge the battery pack connected to the BrickPi.

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