Back again.

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Back again.

Postby doc222 » 11 Apr 2013, 20:00

It has been some time since I have wrote on a LEGO forum. Been very busy and life at times takes up time, new hoobies etc. Perhaps burn out was a factor as well. But I have been lurking about. My biped is still here too. Though it has went through some major changes and I hope to film it this year with its new mods. Mainly to have the ability to turn in step on one foot, from the hips. That feature is what about fried me out. But i came up with a way to do it with only adding 1DOF and make the hip cage smaller.

Hope all are doing well,

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Re: Back again.

Postby mattallen37 » 12 Apr 2013, 01:07

Hey, welcome back Doc!

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Re: Back again.

Postby aswin0 » 12 Apr 2013, 07:28

Hi Doc,

Good to see you back again.
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Re: Back again.

Postby inxt-generation » 15 Apr 2013, 04:01

Welcome back man! I always liked your stuff, hope to see more of it. :mrgreen:
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