Which EV3 version to buy ?

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Which EV3 version to buy ?

Post by amitbronstein » 25 Mar 2015, 07:58


I would like to get a new EV3 system and going to use RobotC to program it.
I am a bit confused which kit should I get.
I see at Ebay that most are the 31313 and there is also the 45544.
which one should I get ?
I would like also a gyro sensor with the package (or as a separate item).
Since I order it oversea and the shipping is expensive, I would like to add if need any other kit that is needed (extra parts?) so please let me know which if any is needed.

Many thanks !,

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Re: Which EV3 version to buy ?

Post by jwiger » 23 May 2015, 02:57

The 45544 set is the LEGO education set, it comes with a nice plastic tub to keep it organized, if you're into that kind of thing. It also uses a more classic style ultrasonic sensor versus the new IR sensor. It does come with a gyro, but does not come with a remote.
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