Brixcc + Ev3 + download error

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Brixcc + Ev3 + download error

Post by Diyum » 17 Feb 2015, 05:07

Hi! I have downloaded newest test release version of bricx command center from:
I can open that program and control my Ev3 using joystick buttons an also I can use ultrasonic sensor when I use livesensor mode.

When I write a small program and press download and run button my Ev3 makes a beeb sound and programs name appear into ev3 screen.
When I press that programs name supposing that ev3 would start to run that program then error text appear to the ev3 screen and nothing happens. After that the program I just downloaded to Ev3 disappear from Ev3.
Any ideas/links what I have done wrong or what I should do?

I have tried to do following steps after downloadin bricx command center but I'm not sure if I had done everything right.
1. Download CodeSourcery Lite: ... nueabi.exe

2. Install arm-2009q1-203-arm-none-linux-gnueabi.exe CodeSourcery Lite cross
compiler for arm-linux to a folder - preferrably short and without spaces in
the path, such as c:\CSLite

3. Edit your PATH environment variable and add the paths for CodeSourcery Lite's bin
folder to the front of your path.
E.G., c:\CSLite\bin;%path%

4, Download BricxCC with growing support for EV3. This now includes the ability
to download the compiled binaries over USB to /media/card on your EV3. It also includes
the ability to control motors, play tones, set/read the brick name, show battery
level, and more. Not yet functional: Watch window, clear memory, and message tools.
The RGF Image Editor is included in BricxCC now. Pick the zip with the most recent
date in the filename. ...

5. Extract the zip over an existing BricxCC install folder. Make sure before
you extract the zip that it is unblocked via the right-click Properties dialog.

6. Download ...

7. Extract to a folder of your choice.

8. Locate the that was extracted from the BricxCC test release.

9. Extract the files from this zip to a folder of your choice and make sure that folder is
at the front of your PATH statement (e.g., c:\CSLite\bin;c:\tools\;%PATH%). The two tools
installed from this zip are "make" and "rm" which are used by BricxCC when it tries to launch
the CodeSourcery Lite cross compiler.

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Re: Brixcc + Ev3 + download error

Post by HaWe » 17 May 2015, 09:43

the program caption of your executable program appearing on the ev3 screen is a fake.
The screen menu you can see is displayed by the VM (the Lego bytecode interpreter for X3 byte code) and actually neither can display Linux executables nor start a Linux executable.
What you see might be sort of temporary folder or what ever.
You will have to start executabels via the BCC file explorer tool.

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