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by rich2020
04 Feb 2012, 20:37
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: NXT Bluetooth
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Re: NXT Bluetooth

NXT User guide Check page 13. • 32-bit ARM7 microprocessor • 256 Kbytes FLASH, 64 Kbytes RAM • 8-bit microprocessor • 4 Kbytes FLASH, 512 Byte RAM • Bluetooth wireless communication, Bluetooth class II V2.0 compliant • USB 2.0 port • Four input ports, six-wire digital platform • Thr...
by rich2020
04 Feb 2012, 20:33
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: Distance sensor for the RCX?
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Re: Distance sensor for the RCX?

thecallosan wrote:Cross talk won't be an issue either way, as I'd only have one of these distance sensors. I'll try the SHARP IR one, simply because you linked to it and it's less effort to find, and we'll see what happens.
You won't be disappointed. The Sharp IR sensor is brilliant IMHO,