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by bullestock
31 Mar 2013, 21:06
Forum: Mindstorms Hardware
Topic: RCX Schematic Diagram
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Re: RCX Schematic Diagram

sparramc wrote:Hi All,

Does anyone know where I could please locate a RCX Schematic Diagram?
The closest I can find is this: (section Hardware)
by bullestock
05 Mar 2012, 22:45
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Topic: JAVA: What's the big deal?
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Re: JAVA: What's the big deal?

inxt-generation wrote:Why does it seem like everyone here is so against Java? I've played with it a bit, and it's not that hard :twisted: . What's the big deal?
Everyone? I thought it was only doc-helmut who hated Java.

Anyway, for the record, I like LeJOS.
by bullestock
26 Feb 2012, 00:13
Forum: Mindstorms Software
Topic: c++ bluetooth nxc comunication library
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Re: c++ bluetooth nxc comunication library

problem is when: class xyz { xyz::methode (..); } which is used in all of the library. Do i have strange version of compiler, or it is uncompatible with c++ standard? gcc is correct here. Putting the xyz:: prefix in the class declaration is not valid C++. It is however allowed by Visual C++, which ...
by bullestock
19 Feb 2012, 21:21
Forum: Mindstorms Software
Topic: Best NXT language for a C++ programmer?
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Re: Best NXT language for a C++ programmer?

I got my NXT about 2 years ago, and programmed it using nxc for about a year. Then I got a few new toys and played with them instead. Now, the NXT was my first contact with programming, so I didn’t know anything about any of the different languages. I went on to learn C++ after loving NXC, and no...
by bullestock
23 Jan 2012, 21:40
Forum: Robot Building
Topic: Crawler tracks
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Re: Crawler tracks

I would connect the motor to the middle hub to give it good ground clearance, but only if the track goes around 90 degrees of the hub. Less than that, and it may slip. Sorry, I don't understand "goes around 90 degrees of the hub"... The track needs to touch the hub (wheel) for at least a quarter of...
by bullestock
19 Jan 2012, 19:00
Forum: Robot Building
Topic: Gripper using an engine and four half-wheels
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Re: Gripper using an engine and four half-wheels

Hi! I thought we can build it thanks to a worm gear, but today we tried to build it and we saw that, if the worm gear is the one which moves, the gear connected to it can work normally, but if it is the gear moving, the worm seems not to move... Is it normal? I hope I understand you correctly. If y...
by bullestock
12 Jan 2012, 19:44
Forum: Mindstorms Software
Topic: C++ NXT Bluetooth Library
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Re: C++ NXT Bluetooth Library

timpattinson wrote:Use a cast to convert the char* to LPCWSTR
That's not a good idea if it really is a char pointer. Either change the project to compile as ANSI instead of Unicode, or change the call to CreateFile() to use CreateFileA().
by bullestock
18 Dec 2011, 00:25
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Topic: Interests/hobbies
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Re: Interests/hobbies

muntoo wrote:
We can't, it's private.
by bullestock
24 Jun 2011, 21:43
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Topic: Creative Firmware Comments
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Re: Creative Firmware Comments

spillerrec wrote:Does anyone know the origin of the phrase? (the LOTHAR!! one)
Not me, but I'm sure Lothar does.